Multi-Camera Array Specialist


TOM BRANDON specialises in visual engineering and professional camera array video effects, based in Melbourne, Australia.


Operating a state of the art multi-camera array or Bullet Time rig with an emphasis on spatial time bending, motion blur, activations and 3D light sculpting.
Produce smooth, sharp visual effects ideal for modern film and advertising production.


up to 100 cameras

rigs developed to spec

focus on in-camera effects

playback in seconds

sophisticated trigger system




In 2013, as part of Splice Boys, Tom teamed up with Irresistible Films to create some of the most ambitious multi-camera shots ever made. A 100 camera, 30m rig was built 10m in the air, kung-fu and stunt specialists flew out of a 4 story building, swords flying to create a truly unique, in-camera capture of amazing stunts. Rise of the Legend was one of the biggest action films of 2014 in China.