Basic Techniques

Frozen Moment - Shot travels in a virtual camera movement around a subject frozen in time 

Bullet Time - Shot travels in a virtual camera movement around moving subject. Progressive firing of multiple cameras. 

Start/Stop - Live videos changing to frozen or progressive shots

Advanced Capabilities

3D - Multi-Camera array shots under controlled conditions create great in-camera 3D effect 

Lenticular - Frozen, in-camera lenticular prints 

Speed Ramp – Changing frame rates within shots, can go from 1fps to 1000fps 

Slow Motion - Progressively triggering each camera to make slow motion footage up to 1000fps

Space Ramp - Changes the speed of the virtual camera movement

Shutter Ramp - Variable shutter angle in one single shot, creating a motion blur to sharpness effect 

Time Blur - Creating motion blur effects with long exposures. 

Light Painting - Long exposures with moving light sources create light sculptures 

Space Blur - Physically moving the camera array to create background image blur (rig on tracks, rig on crane, rig on car mount) 

Flash - flash light sync capabilities and motion trail effects 

Strobe - Using strobe light to create multiple exposures of an image 

Flash Rig - A high-speed virtual light that moves at speeds up to 300 km/h while subject is being filmed in slow-motion